“Our 80 person insurance and consulting firm, The Redwoods Group, already provides paid leave. We welcome the FAMILY Act. We have discovered that when an employee takes paid family leave, there are some unexpected business benefits. There is the obvious virtue that the employee who takes paid leave is more likely to return and thus save our company the costs of interviewing, hiring and retraining. In addition, since we cover the work of an employee on leave by sharing it across the team, junior team members get a chance to learn and take on new responsibilities, furthering their development. That’s a hidden plus. A publically administered pool of funds for paid leave, such as the one proposed in the FAMILY Act, would be great for all employees. At Redwoods, we would use company funds to ‘top up’ the amount that our employees would receive from the public pool. After all, our success rests on their shoulders.”

Kevin Trapani, CEO

The Redwoods Group

North Carolina


FAMILY Act Endorser