“TCG, a firm developing custom-built IT solutions to improve how government agencies run, supports the FAMILY Act. Appreciating the impact of families on our employees and the company is one of TCG’s six core values. Supporting the FAMILY Act is one way we value our employees’ families while keeping our costs low. TCG currently offers 3 weeks paid leave for new parents. The FAMILY Act would provide qualified workers with a statutory minimum amount of family paid leave for specific kinds of events. Without the FAMILY Act, providing any reasonable number of weeks of leave for employees experiencing major life events could cost our company far more. I took off six months in 2012 after the premature birth of my twins, who spent their first 5 months in intensive care. In the absence of paid leave insurance, I used a combination of sick leave, vacation, comp time and unpaid leave, and my family dug into savings. The costs were substantial. In the same situation, most employees in this country would have had to quit or let the company fail, or would have spent most of their time worrying about their kids while trying to work. That’s also a tough position for an employer because when a worker is dealing with that kind of distraction, a whole team’s productivity will decrease and customers are impacted. It’s a ridiculous position for an employee and their employer. Giving employees time off to deal with their family or personal situations is just good sense. The FAMILY Act is a worthy and important enhancement to our society’s employee safety net that delivers real world benefits to employees and their employers.”

Daniel Turner, Founder and CEO


District Of Columbia


FAMILY Act Endorser