“As a black woman entrepreneur, I started my business with limited resources, mostly with the support of me working a full time job and my husband’s income. However, as I grew, I saw firsthand how important it is to be able to show up for your family during illness, school issues, doctor appointments and be able to keep a job and have regular income. That is why I have offered paid sick time and paid family leave for my team. Does it cut into my bottom line? Yes. Does it sometimes put a strain on myself and my staff? Yes. But I’ve done the math, and it would cost me way more to train new incoming staff than it does to provide paid leave. But I’ve seen first hand that this is not an option for many small businesses and nonprofits. That’s why we need a national paid medial and leave program like the FAMILY Act.”

Tameka Ramsey, Founder


FAMILY Act Endorser