“At SurveyMonkey, it is our priority to ensure our most valuable asset, our employees, receive a high standard of benefits. With offices around the globe, we encourage open discussions on what our employees need and value most. And their feedback informs the evolution of our benefit programs. For instance, we are delighted to offer a 16-week paid parental leave policy, enhanced PTO, as well as additional days of paid leave to care for immediate family members or partners suffering from a serious health condition. Unfortunately, this approach has yet to reach the national level with plenty of companies failing to provide access to paid leave under difficult circumstances. The endorsement of the FAMILY Act is consistent with our values as a company. Promoting benefits to improve equity across the board is something we’ve prioritized in the past and will continue to advocate for.”

Becky Cantieri, Chief People Officer




Paid Leave Principles Endorser


FAMILY Act Endorser