“All working people deserve access to paid family and medical leave, yet we know the grim reality — that few have it, and there are stark disparities by income level and worker type. At Rent the Runway, we have equalized benefits for all of our employees, ensuring that our warehouse, customer service and store employees now have the same bereavement, parental and family sick leave, and sabbatical packages that corporate employees have. We believe that these new policies are not only in the best interests of our employees but also of Rent the Runway itself, which will likely see higher retention, lower training costs and better productivity from more experienced employees — including our corporate employees, who are energized to work at a company that takes values seriously. While we encourage other companies to do more to equalize benefits for their workers, we believe that a national policy is necessary to ensure that millions of hardworking people have access to the paid leave they deserve.”

Jennifer Hyman, Co-Founder and CEO


Paid Leave Principles Endorser