“I’ve run a logistics company, a retail shop, and have turned a single popcorn store into a franchise in five states. I’ve learned a lot as a business owner over the years, but across industries, there’s one thing in common: consumer demand drives my business decisions and my business growth. Workers who take unpaid leave when medical or family caregiving needs arise report putting off spending, which means not just hardship for families, but also lost income to small businesses like mine. For some people, that means choosing between putting food on the table or keeping the heating on during cold Iowa winters. For others, it will mean fewer dinners out, and fewer extras like gourmet popcorn. If people can’t afford basic living expenses, they definitely won’t be buying any popcorn from my stores. The FAMILY Act would help create the vibrant local economies small businesses need to survive.”

ReShonda Young, Owner


FAMILY Act Endorser