“Managed by Q, the platform for office management, makes it easy to run your workspace. Founded in 2014, Q has grown to employ over 1,000 employees in just four short years. Q was founded on the premise of a “worker first” approach, with a commitment to providing meaningful employment to everyone involved with the company. This means ensuring that our employees thrive in their lives inside and outside the office. We’re fortunate to have our headquarters based in New York and two of our offices based in California — this means that our staff have access to these state’s paid family leave insurance when they need time to bond with a new child or care for sick family member. This program helps us offer a critical support to our staff without having to shoulder the full cost of these leaves, which is a challenge in an industry where every worker who is absent must be replaced. We support the federal bill, the FAMILY Act, which would enable workers across the country to use family and medical leave insurance and support employers like us, who want to do the right thing but may not be able to bear the full cost of paid leave. At Managed by Q, we believe our business will grow precisely because we put our workers first — and we think the same is true for the economy more broadly.”

Dan Teran, Co-Founder and CEO

Managed by Q



FAMILY Act Endorser