“Equal Exchange is a business that is dedicated to fair trade with small-scale farmers in the developing world. We think fairness needs to extend to our own workers, who bring enormous value to our business — and to their families and communities. Because we see our workers as human beings, who have human needs, we think it’s crucial that they have access to paid time away from work to care for their families and their health. When employees need to care for a sick family member, bond with a new child, or recover from serious illness, they should be able to do so without risking their jobs or financial security. I support the FAMILY Act, which would create a national paid family leave insurance program, because it will give companies the capacity to treat their employees right — and ultimately, to build better businesses.”

Rob Everts, Co-Executive Director

Equal Exchange

Food & Beverage


Paid Leave Principles Endorser


FAMILY Act Endorser