“FlexJobs is dedicated to helping professionals find a better way to work through remote and flexible jobs. While flexible work goes a long way to help people balance career and family responsibilities, more should be done. That’s why we proudly advocate for key paid leave principles and the FAMILY Act as paramount changes that can provide meaningful support for families in the modern workplace. I started FlexJobs in 2007 when I was pregnant with my first child because I was looking for a flexible job that would allow me to advance my career and be the parent I wanted to be. Since then, in my own life and on my team, I’ve seen the variety of reasons that people need flexible work options to help them take care of their lives while continuing their careers. One of the biggest reasons? Caregiving. Whether it’s working parents caring for children, grown children caring for aging parents, people with personal medical issues, or other related situations, professionals across levels and industries will likely, at some point, need access to comprehensive paid leave. Like flexible work options, paid leave has the potential to make profound and long-lasting economic, familial and social impact — and FlexJobs stands proudly behind efforts to make paid leave accessible to everyone.”

Sara Sutton, Founder and CEO


Human Resources


Paid Leave Principles Endorser


FAMILY Act Endorser